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IBM Press is the official publisher of IBM books for professionals and academia. Our mission is to publish the highest quality content for the critical topics facing today's business and technology students and professionals. With books designed to help educate business leaders, help users master the diverse range of technologies and solutions and prepare for IBM certifications, IBM Press books are an informative resource for knowledge that's critical for today's IT professional and throughout their careers.

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Pearson Education is the world's largest educational publisher. Pearson Education is the global education publishing business of Pearson plc, the international media group. Learn more about Pearson Education at pearsoned.com.

A division of Pearson Education, Pearson Technology Group represents the publishing industry's leading imprints for authoritative and cutting edge technical and professional information. PTG publishes more than 1,000 computer and technology titles per year and includes the publishing imprints of Addison-Wesley, Cisco Press, Peachpit Press, Prentice Hall Professional, Que, and Sams. Pearson Technology Group has corporate publishing alliances with Cisco Systems, Adobe Systems, Sun, and IBM. Learn more about the PTG publishing imprints.

Our Commitment to the Environment
Today, more paper is being recovered and recycled than ever before. IBM Press, in partnership with Pearson Education, is committed to protecting our precious natural resources. We strive to be as environmentally responsible as possible in all facets of our business. All of our books are printed on recycled paper. By using recycled paper, we all can reduce our burden on the environment. Today, we recognize the limits of resource demand and the necessity for environmentally sound recycling practices. That's why recycled paper is a critical part of our vision for a healthy global environment.

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