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My Life in Tech: Q&A with IBM Distinguished Engineer Mandy Chessell
By InformIT Editorial Team, Mandy Chessell
Dec 10, 2013
Mandy Chessell talks to InformIT about what's changed at IBM over the last quarter-century, how she was inspired to work at IBM at age 14, and advice for those interested in building a successful career in technology.
Using Database Tools and Utilities in DB2
By Raul F. Chong, Clara Liu
Nov 19, 2013
How do you work with DB2? How do you issue SQL and/or XQuery statements and enter DB2 commands? Are there graphical tools that can make your administration tasks easier? This chapter provides the answers to all of these questions. DB2 provides a wide range of tools, both graphical and command-driven, to help you work with DB2.
Agile Breakthrough Techniques to Keep You from "Waterfalling Backward": Whole Teams
By Leslie Ekas, Scott Will
Nov 15, 2013
This chapter describes why whole teams experience better communication, productivity, and collective knowledge sharing than traditional silo’d teams. It makes a case for keeping teams intact as well as protecting them from interruption during a product release.
How “Go To” People Help Make Agile Software Development Work (and How You Can Become One)
By Leslie Ekas
Nov 12, 2013
Leslie Ekas explains who "go to" people are (you know them already—the ones you contact first to find out what's going on) and why they are particularly beneficial for teams who plan on adopting agile.
My Life in Tech: Q&A with Diana Stepner, Head of Future Technologies at Pearson
By Diana Stepner, InformIT Editorial Team
Oct 10, 2013
InformIT (a part of Pearson) talks with Diana Stepner, the Head of Future Technologies at Pearson, about trends in the education and consumer spaces, her roles models, and the most exciting thing happening in tech right now.
Top 10 Mobile Strategy Myths
By Dirk Nicol
Aug 19, 2013
Mobile technology offers companies tremendous opportunities to transform their business. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about how to embrace mobile technologies to win in the market. Dirk Nicol, author of Mobile Strategy, walks you through the top 10 mobile myths.
Introduction to Patterns of Information Management
By Mandy Chessell, Harald Smith
Jun 26, 2013
In software engineering, we are taught that abstraction, modularity, and information hiding are useful approaches when breaking down a set of requirements into manageable chunks for implementation. In this introduction to Patterns of Information Management , Mandy Chessell and Harald Smith explain how their book makes use of these principles to tackle the synchronization of information between IT systems.
Mobile Strategy for Your Company: SoCloDaMo (Social + Cloud + Big Data + Mobile)
By Dirk Nicol
May 7, 2013
This chapter outlines the key capabilities and trends around cloud, social, and big data as it relates to mobile. The chapter then covers how these four major trends come together to offer a set of new capabilities for businesses that compliments an overall mobile strategy.
Secure Communications on the Cloud with a SOCKS Proxy
By Alex Amies, Qiang Guo Tong
Feb 21, 2013
IBM Senior Software Engineer Alexander Amies and Advisory Software Engineer Qiang Guo Tong, co-authors on Developing and Hosting Applications on the Cloud, discuss how to use the SOCKet Secure (SOCKS) protocol, working through the cloud to access resources on your local virtual machines and VLANs, even if they're protected by firewall.
Creating a DNS Service on the Cloud
By Alex Amies, Pan Xia Zou
Jan 28, 2013
IBM Senior Software Engineer Alexander Amies and IBM Software Engineer Pan Xia Zou discuss how to configure and use a DNS server for management of virtual machines on the cloud. This is described in the context of a cloud-based virtual local area network and scripting to automate network configuration of virtual machines. One of the architects of the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise platform, Alex is a co-author of Developing and Hosting Applications on the Cloud.
Lessons in Social Business from a Fortune 500 Product Manager: Activate Your Advocates
By Ed Brill
Jan 22, 2013
Because product and brand managers typically have little direct-line authority over budget or resource, catalyzing others to act in a desired way is the name of the game. This chapter explores how to activate your advocates as influencers.
Workload Migration for the Cloud
By Alex Amies, Nathaniel Gibbs
Dec 19, 2012
IBM Senior Software Engineer Alexander Amies and IBM Technical Solution Architect Nathan Gibbs discuss various aspects of workload migration and share some case studies that reveal techniques for such migrations. One of the architects of the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise platform, Alex is a co-author of Developing and Hosting Applications on the Cloud.
IBM Cognos Business Intelligence v10: Using Query Studio
By Sangeeta Gautam
Dec 3, 2012
Sangeeta Gautam explains how to use Query Studio, which is a core IBM Cognos BI component for business users and business analysts who need to explore the data to quickly answer various business questions.
SQL Standards and Guidelines for DB2 Developers
By Tony Andrews
Oct 15, 2012
This chapter shows how to create a set of SQL standards and guidelines for developers to follow when running applications that involve DB2.
The Art of the Data Center: Bahnhof - Stockholm, Sweden
By Douglas Alger
Oct 9, 2012
Doug Alger takes a fascinating look at one of the most amazing data centers in the world in this chapter from his book The Art of the Data Center.
Eight Cool Things You Probably Don’t Know About Data Centers
By Douglas Alger
Sep 27, 2012
Doug Alger, author of The Art of the Data Center, discusses eight cool things most people don’t realize about Data Centers in this InformIT exclusive audio segment.
Multilingual Natural Language Processing Applications: Finding the Structure of Words
By Daniel Bikel, Imed Zitouni
Sep 20, 2012
Learn how to identify words of distinct types in human languages, and how the internal structure of words can be modeled in connection with the grammatical properties and lexical concepts the words should represent.
What You Need to Succeed in Cloud Environments
By Alex Amies
Sep 20, 2012
Alexander Amies discusses the items you need to run applications and services successfully on the cloud. One of the architects of the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise platform, Alex is the primary author of Developing and Hosting Applications on the Cloud.
Dojo Made Easy
By Paul Hannan, Jeremy Hodge, Declan Sciolla-Lynch, Tim Tripcony, Paul Withers
Aug 22, 2012
The Dojo toolkit is IBM’s JavaScript framework of choice. For those who have never or rarely used Dojo, the following sections will give some background and walk through a couple of examples of Dojo modules in XPages.
Infrastructure as a Service Cloud Concepts
By Alex Amies, Guo Ning Liu, Harm Sluiman, Qiang Guo Tong
Aug 1, 2012
This chapter discusses Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) concepts with the goal of giving cloud application developers background knowledge and helping them explore why they might want to use cloud computing.

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