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Who has time to surf all day? Get PHPTR's RSS feed for the latest information delivered to your desktop.

If you're not familiar with RSS, it's pretty cool. Depending on which version you're looking at, RSS can stand for Rich Site Summary, RDF Site Summaries, or Really Simple Syndication. It's an XML language that—used in combination with specialized software packages called RSS aggregators or news aggregators—lets you to subscribe to a web site or section of a web site and receive quick summaries when that site is updated. So instead of surfing to your ten favorite sites everyday, RSS will deliver the updates from those sites in neat little headlines, all in one place on your desktop. (If you want more detail, read this article by Tristan Louis.)

That's where the aggregators come in. Here's a good list of them. You just download and install one of them, and off you go.

Prentice Hall PTR RSS Options

Stay on top of the latest releases from PHPTR with an RSS feed from the Products section of the site. To subscribe to the feed, go to the Products section, and use the topical browse navigation at top left ("Business," "Computing," "Engineering") to drill down to the most granular level for your topic of interest. Then, just click the "Subscribe to this topic" link to get the RSS code for your reader.

Prentice Hall PTR also offers RSS feeds of all content in the Chapters & Articles section of the site. Again, just select the article topic you want to receive in your feed, and click the "Subscribe to this topic" link.

Be the first to see the latest special offers and news from Prentice Hall PTR with an RSS feed of all Promotions, Events, and Press Releases – just click on the links below to get the code for your RSS reader:



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