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IBM Press books and software products can be purchased at your favorite local bookstore or online bookseller, electronics stores and computer stores – anywhere computer technology books are sold. They can also be purchased here at ibmpressbooks.com.

To locate a bookstore near you, please visit the American Booksellers Association web site.


IBM Press is a division of Pearson Education.

To place an Academic order or to reach customer service, please call (800) 922-0579 (toll free).

Teachers in high schools and vocational/technical schools may reach a sales representative by calling (866) 326-4259 (toll free).

Teachers in two-year colleges, community colleges, and four-year universities may contact your current Pearson sales representative. To locate your representative, visit the online rep locator.

Instructor Review Copy Request Procedure

IBM Press has updated the procedure for requesting instructor review copies of our books. Please follow these simple directions in order to submit your requests:

  1. Go to the catalog page of the book you would like to sample.
  2. Click on "Instructor" where it mentions review copy requests underneath the "Buying Options" box at top right.
  3. Select your customer type and follow the instructions given.


Corporate professionals may purchase at the discount terms they have established with Pearson.

If you need to set up a corporate account, or need information on bulk orders and custom learning solutions, please call (800) 382-3419, or e-mail corpsales@pearsontechgroup.com.


Government employees may order online at www.pearsongovernmentsales.com. The Pearson GSA Bookstore offers GSA pricing and free ground shipping. There is no tax on orders.

Bulk and Special Sales

Pearson Technology Group (PTG) offers deep discounts on all titles when ordered in large quantity. Bulk and special sales may involve electronic versions and/or custom covers and content particular to business and training goals, workforce enrichment, promotional events, marketing and branding. For more information visit the Bulk and Special Sales FAQ on InformIT.


Are you looking for an IBM Press book outside the United States? Do you want to inquire about non-English-language IBM Press titles? Find what you're looking for by contacting the International Distributor listed for your area.

Translated Titles
Do you want to inquire about translated IBM Press titles? Visit http://rights.pearsoned.com to search for a IBM Press title in the language you need. If you cannot find the book you're looking for, contact rights@pearsoned.com for additional assistance.

IBM Press Author First Program

We are pleased to announce that the Pearson Technology Group (PTG) family of publishers has created the PTG Author First program, an initiative designed to better serve our valued authors and freelance contributors. The PTG Author First program consists of great new author benefits including referral fees, discount bookstore pricing, a discounted InformIT Safari Bookshelf subscription, and broadened community exposure. Click here to learn more!